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Lisa Holmquist

Real Estate Consultant


Nevada Real Estate License


Lisa Holmquist | Urban Nest Realty

NV License S.0174014LLC

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Buying or Selling: Why CHOOSE ME?


My loyalty is 100% to you - I NEVER take both sides of a transaction, because I would ​never want that for my own home. Why? Because real estate is EASY - until it’s NOT; and ​that’s when you need me 100% in your corner! If an agent represents both the seller and ​buyer, who do you think they will side with in a dispute?


There is definitely a lot of information available online for buyers and sellers. However, I’m ​knowledgeable about so much more than what you can google.

For example, I recently saw a price reduction on the BEST available home in Summerlin ​that costs less than $2 million. Why do I know it’s the best available? I specialize in that ​area, have bought and sold in that subdivision, know what upgrades are important in that ​model and I know it is one of the best lots in the community

I’ve been in real estate since 2013, and have earned the highest designations ​available through education and documented sales performance.

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Lisa Holmquist | Urban Nest Realty

NV License S.0174014LLC




You probably love looking at alllll the listings on ALLLLL the search sites; I do too! But when you get ​right down to it, you are going to want certain things. We’ll go over your specific wants and ​absolute musts in a home; I’ll drill that down and then add in my neighborhood knowledge. Want to ​know what it’s like to live In Summerlin or Henderson? And what really is the difference between ​Henderson and Summerlin? These are the conversations you can try to have with google, but with ​me it’s a two way conversation and I guarantee you will find it invaluable.


My team is great! I rely on them, but you won’t have to go through them to get to me. As an ​accessible agent who (gasp!) answers her phone, you can be sure to have the level of service you ​need directly from ME. This is so important in a business where giant mega-teams won’t even allow ​you to talk to the “boss”. With me, you just pick up the phone and call or text.


I’ve helped clients buy and sell all over the Las Vegas valley. Let’s talk about your goals and where ​you want to live.

Lisa Holmquist | Urban Nest Realty

NV License S.0174014LLC

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Lisa Holmquist | Urban Nest Realty

NV License S.0174014LLC

Real estate is easy...

until it’s NOT.

You can trust my experience, deep knowledge of the area and the local ​market conditions to help you navigate your real estate journey.

In July 2024, all real estate agents will be requiring signed buyer ​agreements before showing any homes.

I’ve ALWAYS used these agreements

(even with my own adult children), they are not new to me.

Let’s chat about what these contracts do (and don’t) say.

Lisa Holmquist | Urban Nest Realty

NV License S.0174014LLC

Lisa Holmquist, Urban Nest Realty

NV License S.0174014LLC

(702) 875-5007

9580 W Sahara Ave #200

Las Vegas, NV 89117

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